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Giving Initiatives 

The PSU Bookstore Board of Directors is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to creating a positive impact for Portland State University students and the greater PSU student community as a whole.


Since 2006 the PSU Bookstore Board of Directors has donated over $700K toward PSU programs and scholarships to help Portland State University lead the way through academic excellence, urban engagement, and expanding opportunity for all. Over $400K has been given directly back to the students through scholarships.


Organizations that have had annual contributions include The ASPSU Food Pantry, and the Simon Benson Awards Dinner, and the PSU Bookstore Scholarships.  Other groups and organizations have received contributions upon request.  


See below for a comprehensive list the organizations.

  • Portland State University Bookstore Scholarship Fund

  • Presidents Equal Access Scholarships

  • ASPSU Food Pantry

  • Chamber Choir

  • Maybelle Clark Macdonald Endowed Scholarship Fund for the School of Social Work

  • Sustaining Neighborhoods Initiative

  • 3T Accessibility Project PSU Bookstore Grant

  • Institute for Sustainable Solutions Student Internship Program

  • Wells Fargo Clean Tech Innovation Competition

  • Electronic Resource Fund

  • School of Business Administration Outreach Program

  • Connecting Educational Communities Fund

  • Simon Benson Awards Dinner

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